It’s Time For A New Litter Box

Do you know when it’s time for a new litter box? “When my cat no longer fits in the box”, “When I get another cat”. “I’ve been using this litter box for 20 years”. Is this what you’re thinking? If so, you ‘re wrong. If you’re practicing any of these statements than it’s time for a new litter box.

Cat Sniffing LitterboxHave you ever wondered why, even after you’ve scooped and cleaned the litter box, it still smells? You’ve been scooping his or her box regularly, emptying all the old litter, rinsing the box and even letting vinegar and hot water sit in it before rinsing it again, yet it still smells. Maybe you’ve even put a thin layer of baking soda at the bottom before filling it with clean litter. For a while there, you noticed a huge difference in the way your litter box area and house smelled. It always smelled fresh especially after litter box cleaning day. But now your little bits of acquired wisdom don’t seem to be working anymore. Why not? It probably isn’t you or your acquired litter box cleaning techniques, but the litter box itself.

Did you know that a litter box should be tossed out about once a year? Wait! Don’t be upset! Let me explain why you should consider tossing your litter pans once a year. Although you may not see it, every time your cat scratches in his or her litter box they are leaving behind scratch marks in the plastic of the box. Bacteria can get into those marks and builds up leading to a smell that you can not get rid of. Also, the ammonia from your kitty’s urine slowly starts to degrade the molecular structure of the litter box leading to a potential integrity failure. Don’t think you can afford throwing out your litter box once a year? Click here for our article on how you can make your own litter box.

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