How to Prevent Your Cat from Scratching the Furniture

When it comes to deciding between the cat or the sofa the cat usually wins. While we all love our cats we also appreciate other fine things in life such as our furniture. If your cat keeps destroying your furniture you may have to get a second job. How do you prevent your cat from scratching the furniture? It is natural for cats to stretch and with stretching comes scratching. Yelling at them or spraying them with water is not the solution. How to prevent your cat from scratching the furniture. Could having your cat declawed be the answer to your problem?

Is Declawing Your Cat the Answer?

All cats, even ones whom are strictly indoor, need their claws. Cats use their claws to assist them in full body stretches. Many veterinarians and animal behaviorist are against having cats declawed. Sometimes the procedure of declawing can lead to physical, emotional, and physiological problems in your cat. Cats who get declawed can sometimes stop stretching all together. This can lead to muscle deterioration. Be kind to your kitty by taking other steps before you consider declawing.

The Answer To a Scratch Happy Cat

What to save your furniture? Getting a scratching post or pad is a good first step in discouraging your cat from scratching your sofa. If you can not afford a scratching post then lay some scrap carpet on the ground or hang some on a doorknob. Be sure to give your kitty a treat and praise them for using the post and not your sofa. You can also find cardboard scratchers at the pet store. Be sure to sprinkle some catnip on the cat designated scratching areas in order to entice your kitty to use it.

How To Get Your Cat To Stop Scratching Your Sofa

As for your sofa, you can either buy furniture covers or you can cover them with a sheet or blanket. Be sure to keep your sofa covered until your cat gets the idea that the scratching post is for scratching. You may also be able to find furniture tape at the pet store. Tape the areas that your cat tends to scratch such as corners and on the bottom of the sofa or chair. This should prevent your kitty from scratching. The sheet and tape can be removed once you have trained your kitty to use the designated scratching areas. Cats are intelligent creatures and will usually get the idea. 

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