Frugal Friday: How To Make A Litter Box

Litter boxes use to be all pretty standard in size and style. However, as time progresses cats needs, as well as their parents, have changed. There has been a huge increase in overweight pets in America. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 57% of cats are overweight. So, you either have one big kitty that does not fit in a standard litter box or just not enough dough to purchase all the boxes that we told you in a past article that you needed based on how many cats you have. Frugal Friday: How to make a litter box.

Are you familiar with plastic packing totes? You know the ones made by companies such as Sterile and Rubbermaid. What if I told you that you could use one of those as a litter box? No kidding, you can use a standard 10 or 18 gallon plastic tote as a litter box! Although you could just take the lid off, fill it with litter and let your cat have it, you should probably make some slight modifications first.

How To Turn a Tote Into a Litter Box

  • Get a sharp razor blade or scissors and make a door or two doors for the claustrophobic kitty.Cat Sniffing Litterbox
  • You can either leave the lid on it and you have yourself a covered litter box or you can keep the lid off.
  • If you only put one door on it, and are planning on leaving the lid on, you might want to make some windows so the stench does not build up.
  • Watch the edges where you cut because they may be a little sharp. Protect yourself and your kitty from getting scratched by covering the cut edges with tape such as duck tape.

Instead of buying a litter box at the pet store make your own. Get a hold of a plastic tote in any size. It does not have to be a big 10 or 18 gallon tote. If you have a smaller kitty, you can purchase a smaller size tote such as the clear ones that are designed to go under your bed. Make some simple modifications such as a door and windows and there you have it. A litter box to fit your kitty’s most pressing needs without it costing you a lot of money.

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