How To Grow Your Own Catnip

Most cats can not help themselves when it comes to the hypnotic catnip drug. The fresher the catnip the crazier and happier your kitty will be. All he or she has to do is get a whiff of the green stuff and their bout of ecstasy begins. Everyone wants their kitty to be happy however, catnip can get expensive especially if you want to get the fresher more potent blend from the pet store. Did you ever think that perhaps, you could grow your own? How to grow your own catnip.

Catnip is a perennial herb that is part of the mint family. It grows wild in many places in North America especially along railroads and highways. Interestingly, it is sometimes considered a “weed” since it can grow anywhere and when it does, it is usually unwanted. This special attribute makes it the perfect plant for you to grow yourself. All you need to get started is some catnip seeds, a pot, and some soil. No need to worry if you don’t have a green thumb because catnip can be purchase at a nursery all ready in plant form. From this point you can plant it in a pot and keep it indoors or you can plant it in the ground outside and watch it spread. Leaves can be harvested and allowed to dry or you can give them to your kitty fresh and green.

What You Need To Know About Growing CatnipDSCF4698

  • Catnip plants prefer a well drained average soil.
  • Catnip plants do not seem to mind the pH of the soil. Any pH range from 6.1 (acidic) to 7.8 (alkaline) will do.
  • When you plant your own catnip be sure that you give each plant 15 to 18 inches of space.
  • Catnip prefers to be planted in full sunshine however, catnip plants will grow in shady areas as well.
  • Catnip grows to a height of 3 to 4 feet.
  • Do not over water your catnip plants. Allow the soil to go dry between soakings.
  • The catnip plant is sturdy against most diseases.
  • Most insects are repelled by the catnip plant with the exception of bees and butterflies.

Instead of buying bags and containers of catnip from the pet store, grow your own. Catnip is easy to grow, spreads like a weed and cats love it!

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