Your Cat When Company Comes Over

Mean catEvery cat and person is different. Some cats love new and old faces while other cats will run and hide even if they have met the person before. When a guest comes over to your home they will either be delighted to see your kitty or perhaps get the sniffles because they are allergic. You may not realize it at first, but you could have a serious dilemma on your hands. You want your cat to feel comfortable and safe, after all, it’s his house. But you do not want your guest to feel uncomfortable either. What can you do to please both parties? Your cat when company comes over.

How Well Do You Know The Guest?

First thing you want to consider is the value of the relationship with the person coming over. If they are not family or a close friend then perhaps, if the weather is good, you can get together outside in the yard. If the weather is bad then perhaps meeting somewhere for coffee, lunch or the library would be best. Cats are sensitive creatures that can get stressed out easily. Any steps that you can take to minimize your cat’s anxiety levels should probably be taken for the well being of your cat.1083514_91441234

What if the person coming over is family or a close friend? If this is the case then you might have to make a decision. If meeting outside or somewhere else is out of the question then you have at least two choices. One, you could leave you cat alone and let the person come into your home. If your cat is scared he will naturally run and hide anyways. However, this approach adds stress to you kitty and you do not want a stressed out cat! Two, you can put your cat in a back bedroom with food and a litter box (depending on how long the company will be over). This way, your cat remains comfortable and if your guest is allergic then they too will be comfortable.

Building Bonds Takes Time

1443029_65344398If the guest is going to eventually turn into a long-term guest, say a boyfriend, girlfriend or new member or the household then you defiantly want your cat to get along with, or at least, be able to tolerate this new person. Don’t rush things! As with any new relationship, taking things slow is usually the best option. However, you should probably be warned that not all bonds between people and cats can be established. Cats are a really good judge of character. If your cat is not getting along with your new friend then you might want to step back and evaluate your friendship with this person. But then again, your cat might just be one of those stuck up kitties who only has eyes for you.

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