Games Cats Play

Cats actually really enjoy playing games especially games involving hunting. Cats are natural born hunters. Even domesticated cats live for the hunt. Unlike some animals that only hunt when they’re hungry cats take great pleasure in being in a consistent mode of hunting. When a cat hunts it does not have to necessary kill. If you have more than one cat then you probably have noticed what appears to be hunting one another. They do not want to kill each other they are just playing a game of cat and mouse, with one cat playing the part of the mouse. Did you know that when a cat plays with a catnip mouse or a candy wrapper that they are actually utilizing their hunting skills? The ability and desire to hunt is ingrained in every cat. Hunting is part of their nature and their behavior. Although you kitty may not be hunting a live animal, that stuffed duck is still thought of as prey to him. Cats want to stalk and hunt so here are the games cats play.

Know When to PlayBengal Cats fighting

Cats are very finicky creatures that do what they want on their own schedule. Knowing their schedule is vital for every cat owner. When is the right time to play with your cat? Every cat is different therefore, arranging a play schedule can be difficult at times especially if you live in a multiple cat household. On one hand it is a good idea to have more than one cat so that they can play with each other, especially when you are not around. However, one cat might want to play while the other cat does not. This is where you intervene. Make sure that you give all your kitties an opportunity to play. Ideally, you should have a couple of play-time sessions. By having more than one session you give everyone an opportunity to play. Playing uses up excessive energy therefore, having one of those sessions at night might make them tired so that they and you can sleep.

Toys Everywhere

You probably have cat toys scattered all over your house, don’t you? They may not be in plain view but lift up the sofa or look under the bed and you will find them. With the vast variety of cat toys to choose from where do you begin? Think about your cats hunting behavior and start there. Does your cat like to run and chase things, then focus on ball type toys that can be thrown. If your cat likes to bat at things then try items that easily glide across the floor. For extra stimulation find toys that rattle or crinkle. Of course there is always the option of catnip infused toys. Catnip is usually a big hit with just about any cat with the exception of kittens who are not old enough to appreciate it.

Cat Games

Hunting prey is the favorite game of most cats. The enjoyment of stalking, sneaking, pouncing, and chewing on that unexpected prey gives cats such joy and is great exercise too. The best kinds of cat toys are: mice, balls, feathers and strings. These items all represent prey for your little eager hunters. Tie Bengal Cat cuddling with small Pillowthese items to a stick and move it around the room to simulate a chase or fling it through the air as if it were a bird. Remember that cats like to stalk their prey as well so don’t always just move the toy around. Allow the toy to sit for a while to build up your cat’s concentration then move it slowly so that your kitty can watch it. It is very important that you let your kitty capture the toy and chew on it once in a while. After all, cats always get their prey. When you are through with the toys be sure to put away anything that might pose a choking hazard to your cat.

Allowing cats to be cats is essential for their well-being. Cats are naturally athletic creatures however, domesticated cats sometimes have a hard time being athletic when they are kept in cramped quarters such as a house, room or apartment. Outdoor cats have more freedom to be athletic however, the outdoors can be a dangerous place for a cat to live. Playing with your kitty is not only good exercise for them but for you as well especially if your kitty does not bring back the ball that you throw. Exercising their hunter behavior also provides you and your cat time together which is essential for bonding. Now get out their and have a good game of cat and mouse.

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