Cat Cafe coming soon to a town near you

Image relaxing in a elegant cafe sipping on a exotic blend of tea. Now, picture that you are surrounded by cute and playful kitty cats. This scene could soon become a reality for cat enthusiast in San Francisco California. KitTea cafe will be located on 29th and Broadway. It’s mission, to provide a place where cats waiting to be adapted can hang out while also serving as a gourmet tea house.

Founders Courtney Hatt, David Braginksy, and Benjamin Stingle are behind this very different idea when it comes to cat adoption shelters. “Our patrons will enjoy all the benefits that playing with cats provide… to their tested ability to improve our health and reduce stress” as stated on their website. This cafe is more than just a place for getting your tea fix, it is a home that, “caters to cats”. All of the cats that are roaming around the cafe will be available for adoption. For every cat that gets adopted a slot opens up in the cafe for another rescue cat. Like many cities across the United States, San Francisco has a big homeless cat population and many of these cats remain in shelters all of their life. The main goal of this cafe is to find cats a “forever home”.

The idea for KitTea came when Courtney saw an article that showcased a cafe in Japan that housed many resident kitty cats. These cats were allowed to roam the cafe as they pleased. There are many cafes in Japan and in parts of Europe that have free-roaming cats inside their cafe. Reason that it is so popular in these countries is partially due to the fact that animals are not allowed in most of the apartments complexes.

Although the tea blends will, no doubt, be exquisite; the main focus of KitTea will be the cats that take up resident there. Cats will be free to socialize with the people while having the chance to be able to be adopted. This cafe could open as soon as September 2014 and would become the very first cat cafe in North America.


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