Are You Loving Your Cat To Death?

We all do it, give our cats treats and special food. Sometimes, they don’t even have to be good in order to get a tasty treat. People just love their cats that they want to give them special treats all of the time. But, are you loving your cat to death?

fat cat

Did you know that the average sized cat can go through about 90 pounds of cat food in a year? If this is true then try to image how much food you overweight kitty is going through in a year. A lot, I’m sure. According to the Association for Pet Obesity and Prevention (APOP) there are about 55 million cats in the United States that are overweight. The 2013 USA Pet Population statistics put out by the American Pet Products Manufactures Association says that there are about 96 million cats in US household. This means that over 50% of out cats our overweight! Or looked at it another way, 1 out of 2 cats are overweight.

Just like in us, being overweight can lead to a series of health problems such as:

Joint problems
Stress on the heart
Skin disorders
Shorter lives

Putting you cat on a special diet and making sure that they get plenty of exercise is vital to get their weight in check. However, the first step is the most important and is also the hardest one to take. First you have to admit that your cat is overweight. Then and only then can you begin to take the necessary steps to help him or her lose those unwanted pounds.

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