Two Types of Cat Parents

Did you know that there are at least two types of cat parents (owners) out there. The two types of cat parents are: 1. “Give kitty everything”and 2. “Give kitty only what they need”.

On one end of the spectrum you have the cat people who would do anything just so kitty can have the newest most advanced litter box and eat only the finest most expensive organic foods. These pampered kitties sleep on 100% down feathered pillows and dine only on crystal plates. Pure royalty are these privilege cats, who are probably even written into their owners will to inherit everything in case of their owners demise. Oh how wonderful it would be to live this kind of cat’s life.Woman playing with Bengal Cats

Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum. On this end sits you have the average cat person who buys the food that is on sale and lets their cat sleep wherever it wants to. Crystals, they wish, most likely these cats eat out of a plastic bowl or maybe even on a paper plate. They do live a “good life” because they have shelter, food, love, etc. they just don’t always get what they ask for.

There is nothing wrong with either type of cat parent. Whether your kitty has “everything” or just what it “needs” there is no right or wrong spectrum. As long as you love your cat and take care of it’s basics, you are a good kitty parent/owner.

What is your cat to you? Do you consider your cat your buddy? What about your best friend? Is your cat your child? Or is it more of a grand cat to you? What ever you consider your cat just be sure that you love them unconditionally because this is how they love you.

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