If You Can Save A Cat – Save A Cat

catimage02“If you can save a cat’s life – you save a cat’s life”, is a heartwarming statement made by a man who had to make this very decision.

Wayne Leger of Moncton, N.B. had just arrived home after a day at work. Leger’s superintendent informed him that he heard a meowing coming from the direction of Leger’s Jeep. Leger and his superintendent looked under the Jeep’s hood and that is when they discovered where the meowing was coming from. A little grey stray cat, seeking warmth from the cold air, had crawled up under the hood of the truck.

Leger stated, “We tried to get him out… for about an hour”. The stray cat had gotten himself stuck in the Jeeps engine block. Leger continued, “(We) tried to lift the body and pull on the head a little bit, but you don’t want to hurt it and he wasn’t coming out”.

When nothing else was working, and a life hanging in the balance, Leger called 911. Firefighters were dispatched to the scene. Robert Cormier, one of the firefighters, went to work on freeing the kitty right away. Cormier stated, “I determined we would have to take the alternator off to get the cat’s leg out from the engine block”. The grey kitty was carefully extracted from the engine block by Cormier who had to cut the belt from the alternator in order to free the cat’s leg.

Once freed, the cat appeared limp. Cormier continued, “At first his head flopped over and I wasn’t sure if he was alive”. The little grey kitty was rushed to a 24-hour animal clinic in, what appeared to be, bad condition. The staff at the veterinarian hospital stated that the heartbeat on the kitty was weak.

Veterinarian worker Chantal Houle stated, “It was very, very critical when he came in… We didn’t even know if he was alive… we couldn’t hear his heartbeat because it was so faint”. The veterinarians worked diligently to warm the kitty and get a stronger heart beat but the leg had to be amputated.catimage01

Houle said, “Often you need to amputate in order to save a life, and saving the limb is not an option”. As grim as the situation was looking for the kitty the veterinarians said that the kitty’s life future looked good.

Leger stated, “You can’t let anything die… If you can save a cat’s life – you save a cat’s life”. Leger and his wife to be decided to adopted the kitty they named Robert after the firefighter who rescued it. By adopting this kitty it can have a forever home and never have to worried about being cold again. If you can save a cat – save a cat.

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