Healthy Litter Box Maintenance

How often do you scoop your cat’s litter box? How often should you scoop your cat’s litter box? What about completely changing your cat’s litter? Do you know when it’s time to change your kitty cat’s litter box or does your nose tell you when it’s time to change the litter in the box? Maybe you scoop everyday and completely change the litter in the box once or twice a week. If this is you then pat yourself on the back. This litter box maintenance plan is good practice. However, there is a step that many people forget to take when it comes to changing the litter in the litter box. Are you one of these people? Healthy litter box maintenance.

Litter box maintenance plan goes as follows:Litter Box Overload

  1. Be sure to scoop everyday, maybe even more than once a day.
  2. When you can scoop no longer, empty the old used up litter into a bag to be disposed of. Nothing ground breaking about this, you probably already do this or something similar.
  3. Now this is where your string of laziness might kick in. You might think, “Well, I emptied the old litter and have replaced it with clean litter hence, it is clean”. You are partially correct. It is clean litter but you are trying to put it in a dirty box. For your and your cat’s health, don’t be lazy with the litter box cleaning. Once you completely dump out the old used up litter use your scoop or a small shovel, such as one from a dusk pan kit, and scrape the bottom of the litter pan of any remnants. Now for the important odor controlling step; rinse out the litter pan either in the basement sink or outside with a garden hose. You can scrub the box with a mild detergent and a brush. Just be sure that you do not use any mild detergents containing fragrance. Cat’s have sensitive noses and may not like the smell of the soap. At this time, you might as well scrub and wash the scooper and shovel. The litter box tools can get really gross if you don’t take care of them. After all, they have a dirty job to do.

Don’t skip the rinsing of the litter box because you don’t feel like it, don’t have time, or are just plain lazy. Keeping the litter tray clean is just as important as filling it with clean litter. So how many litter boxes do you have? Want to know how many you should have? Click here to read how many litter boxes you should have based on how many cats you have.


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