What Is The Best Water For Cats?

Cats, just like humans, are made up of 2/3 water. Water makes up the building blocks of life and is essential for living. But did you know that it is not a good idea to give cats water straight from the tap? Depending upon where you live, your water can contain: toxins, arsenic, bacteria, heavy metals and sometimes, even rocket fuel! This collection of items that might be lurking in your tap water are not healthy for your little kitty or you for that matter! What is the best water for cats?

Thirsty Cat01Water Filter

Taking water from the tap, with out filtration units in place, can be risking and dangerous to your cat’s health. You can give your cat water from the tap but it has to be filtered in order to be safe for your kitty. It does not have to be a big expensive filtration unit. If you are not familiar with water filtration units you can usually find them in at least three different varieties. Just be sure that what ever unit you buy that it removes bacteria, chlorine, arsenic, etc.. An example of such a unit is that of the Brita filter. Other filtration units are: faucet mounted filters, filters mounted under the sink and the advanced whole house water filtration units. Any filter is better then no filter at all.

Bottled Water

What about giving bottled water to your cat such as distilled? The problem with distilled water is that it is too pure. Water needs to have some particles and molecules in order to work in your cat’s system. Therefore, giving your cat distilled water will actually cause deficiencies in vital trace minerals that are essential for system processing. For example, there is evidence that if you drink only distilled water it can cause high blood pressure. While distilled water is safe for humans for purposes such as detoxification, it should not be used for drinking therefore, you should avoid giving distilled water to your cat.

The best water for cats is spring water. However, be sure that it is really spring water. Many bottles of water out there are marked spring water but, if you read the label, you will discover that a percentage of it is from the tap. Many grocery store bottled water is bottled straight from the tap. Read the label before giving it to your kitty to be sure that it is actually bottled spring water.

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