Cat Holds Mom and Daughter Hostage

Recently there has been a string of reports that all have something in common. The common factor in these stories are cats holding people hostage. What is going on here? It happened in March of this year when a Portland Oregon family called 911 because their 22 pound cat had them trapped in their very own bedroom. And now it has happened again. Most recent report occurred just a couple of days ago in San Diego California.

It was a quiet night in San Diego county when Chula Vista police received a call from a frantic woman alleging that her cat named “Cuppy” had her and her daughter trapped in the bedroom. The un-named woman said that her cat, which the neighbors call “a ball of fury”, was in a rage and trapped her and her adult daughter in the bedroom. Police said, “Such matters are usually left to animal control, but officers decided to help out on a quiet night.”.

The Chula Vista police did not have to pull any weapons on the cat because the cat surrendered, gave up on the hostages and walked away. No doubt mother and daughter were scared for their life or they would not have gotten the police involved.

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