A New 007 Agent is Coming

Move over 007 there is a new spy in town and he is wearing a tux, a shiny coat and a bow tie. Correction, that is a fur coat and a collar. Felines might soon be used in the next wave of secret spies, intelligence gathering, wifi hacking and espionage. No, this is not a teaser for the latest blockbuster hit. Using cats as spies could soon become a reality.  Watch out, a new 007 agent is coming.

Engineer Gene Bransfield has just come up with a piece of technology that he has coined “WarKitteh”. What this device does is takes a ordinary kitty collar and transforms it into a tool to find network vulnerabilities. Mr. Bransfield is a security engineer and probably noticed that kitty cats like to wander. He figured out a way to hide a “spark core” in a cat collar. He hopes that he can use this device to discover breaks in networks that could potentially become places where hackers can get in.

In the wrong hands, this device could turn innocent looking creatures such as cats into spies attempting to hack into your wireless router. There are many wifi networks out there so much that some have holes and areas that can be easily breached. All one would need is a device that tells them where the holes are. This person would also have to get close enough to the wifi network to find the potential holes. What a better way to accomplish this task then with WarKitteh.

No need to fear this particular device though. Mr. Bransfield has not released his new device just yet. However, he will be on a panel discussing it at a the hacker conference Defcon. Finally thoughts on this technology idea of using pets as agents and spies. Do you think that Mr. Bransfield was the first or the last person to think up of a idea such as this? It is just a matter of time (if it is not already being done) before someone who actually wants to penetrate your wifi network does so with the help of a creature such as a cat. Did you ever stop to wonder why the neighbors cat spends so much time in your yard?


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