Author: Rayna Phillips


Include Your Pets in Your Preparedness Plans

September is National Preparedness Month and today is September 11th the day America was attacked. You never know what lies ahead or what tomorrow has in store. Therefore, take this month (September) and do...


September is Happy Cat Month

September is Happy Cat Month.  It is a initiative started by The CATalyst Council to discover ways to keep cats happy and healthy. The CATalyst Council, formed in 2008, is a grassroots organization made...


Cat Holds Mom and Daughter Hostage

Recently there has been a string of reports that all have something in common. The common factor in these stories are cats holding people hostage. What is going on here? It happened in March...


A New 007 Agent is Coming

Move over 007 there is a new spy in town and he is wearing a tux, a shiny coat and a bow tie. Correction, that is a fur coat and a collar. Felines might... 0

Authors Love Their Cats

“I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat” – Edgar Allan Poe “The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself” – William S. Burroughs “A cat has absolute emotional honesty:...